Getting Things Done.

FS/USA is a talented group of people that have been leaders in the rubber and plastics industry since 1995.

FS/USA Has become a preferred source for mission critical extruded, die-cut, and molded flexible product solutions.


Where we are going


How we’ll get there

FS USA is dedicated to becoming the leader in providing flexible product solutions to OEM’s Worldwide.

FS USA is exceeding market expectations through continually raising our standards for quality, service, safety, training, personal development, technology, and profit. Our standard never rests! 

Corporate Values


Faith- We are built on a foundation of faith. Faith allows us to believe in our vision, mission, purpose, and people.  It pushes us to trust and rest in something that is greater than just ourselves.

Family- Family is vitally important to our existence. We strive to treat and respect each teammate as family, while also using our collective efforts to serve our individual families and communities!

Freedom- We purpose to declare and steward freedom from God Himself to ourselves, teammates, customers, vendors, and to the world!  Freedom creates a culture that allows people to do the right thing!


Winning- We value excellence in everything we do. We want us, and our customers, to win the right way; through excellence in all we do. We challenge each other to outthink and out work the competition so that we can better serve our customers and each other.

Innovation- We dare to think differently. The freedom in our culture allows people to come up with the best ideas and we know there is always a way to do it better! Our standard never rests!

Integrity- We value honesty and doing the right thing when nobody is watching.

Leadership- Everything hinges on leadership. We value and train our leaders relentlessly to better themselves so that, together, we can take each other where we ought to go.

People- We love people! People are the reason we have a company in the first place. We strive to give people the best vision, tools, culture, and environment to excel in work and in life. Our people make our culture!


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